Guess your Identity


You and your fellow sorcerer’s apprentices are participating in a transfiguration tournament! By tapping as quickly as possible on the cards played and by observing the clues provided, be the first to regain your normal shape! There are two ways To win, to no longer have any cards in your draw pile or to find out how you have been transfigured! It’s the ideal game to boost one’s sense of observation and speed, and to create a zany atmosphere! 4 elastic headbands (L 50 cm x 2 cm) and 48 cards 7 x 10,5 cm.From 3 to 4 players. Rules of the game in French, English, German, German, Spanish and Italian.

Cardboard and fabric.

6 to 8 years old and +.

Type: Games
SKU: J02700