33600 pieces puzzle Wildlife


Dive into the heart of wildlife !

After the success of the last creation "Life-The great challenge", a puzzle of 24000 pieces, Educa has chosen to place the bar a little higher this time. Inviting the fan of puzzles to take up a new and daunting challenge: assembling their new puzzle, " Wildlife", of 33600 pieces.

Representing wildlife, this new wold's biggest puzzle presents animals and landscapes of rare beauty. The complexity of the design and the attention to detail are impressive and will surprise you. Once assembled, the dimensions of this puzzle make you dizzy with its 157 cm. in height and 570 cm. in length. You will need patience to overcome it !

Just like the puzzle it contains, the beautiful wooden storage box is exceptional and practical. Mounted on wheels, you can easily transport and store once finished without risking damage. So, will you meet this new challenge ?

    12 years old +.

    Type: Puzzle
    SKU: 32116066

    33600 pieces puzzle Wildlife is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

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