The world we are living in is constantly changing and evolving. Our lifestyle has a growing impact on the environment. It is the future of our children that is at stake. The education we received has major consequences on the fate of our planet. That is why raising our children's awareness to the environmental issues we will experience is so important. We have to promote the use of eco-friendly products from an early age. It is crucial for our children to develop their skills with toys and games made of noble materials such as wood and with toys manufactured from recycled materials such as milk jugs, with a fully recyclable packaging.

Les jouets Playforever offer various collections that accompany your children throughout their learning process. Most of our products are made of wood or manufactured from recycled and recyclable materials and are age-appropriate. Early development and motor skills, animals, role-playing, imagination (building toys, figurines, music, vehicles, trains, kitchen and dining) as well as board games and puzzles are the main themes of our product range. They play an important part in your child's development and learning process. Take some time to browse our products to find the toys and games appropriate to your child's age and needs, while promoting eco-friendly products.

Together with Les jouets Playforever, your child will learn, grow, develop and imagine.